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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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from the groups? the nonprofits, the hospitality industry, the lifeline council. we need to be at the table today asking the disposal -- asking the difficult questions and figuring out how we will respond and recover quickly in the future. it is not enough to be talking about advanced mitigation and response. that is what the emergency planners traditionally do. we really have to put recovery on the table now. we have done a lot of work in san francisco on community planning and capacity building. we have this lifelines' council. one of the examples, one of the few things he did not mention, is that we created a branch in our emergency operations center specifically to interface with the business community. we did this beginning in 2008.
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we saw during the h1n1 crisis how valuable that was. we had our eoc and the health department doc activated for about nine months. it was an incredible effort. one particular day, we had a conference call with the business community whereñr over 12,000 people joined the conference call. if we had not done that work ahead of time to pull the business community in as our partners in the response and recovery, we would not have been successful there. we also engage our communities in novel ways. the sf heroes iphone app will be coming out on the android
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quickly. we want to empower the committee. we want san franciscans to feel they have a role in recovery in response. we want people to be self- sufficient in those first 72 hours. you cannot rely on government to come in and take care of things after an emergency. we want people to be self- sufficient now and empowered and çfeel they have a role in the çresponse and recovery efforts. we also knowç any disaster is t going to stop at our borders. if there is an earthquake, it is not going to stop in the seven square miles surrounding san francisco. we have to rely on our neighbors in san mateo, san jose, monterey, the east bay. we allç are part of this together.
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there was a vision we needed to do better regional planning instead of our silos in communities. we have been able to work as a region. all of our communities coming together on different projects like the interoperable radio project funded through rf funding. we're getting to know each other as people and in the roles we have a today so that when the big emergency hits, we will be able to pick up the phone and say, i need this or that. working with our partners in fema, nancy and i have had a number of conversations about how we can work together to pull together resources. it is not enough for the federal government to give us the framework or for the state to give us a framework or for the local communities. we need to all be doing it
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together. one thing that is really exciting to me is i was admitted to the national preparedness leadership institute at harvard. i am part of " for -- i am part of cohort number 8. my project at harvard was working with folks around the country and people at fema as well. we're trying to put together a template for local communities to respond that will hopefully be complementary to the ndrf. we're hoping it will be such a good product that you will want to take it on. it will be more than the framework. it will be asking the questions of what an individual community needs to do ahead of time so that they can be prepared to respond.
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i think theç main theme that rs through everything we do in san francisco is resilience. we strive to be a city ready for anything, the one that can bounce back quickly from any challenge that confronts us. i want to thank all of you for coming to our beautiful home today. i hope you enjoy the dayç, that we do meet new people, for new partnerships, and all come away having learned something. they kill-- thank you, nancy, ar staff for all of your work. i look forward to meeting all of you. [applause] >> we are going to take a break. çthe refreshments --
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